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Featured products

Salted Caramel Cocoa Nibs

INR 180.00 onwards

Coconut Dhal Podi

INR 80.00 onwards

Sprouted Mix Flour

INR 150.00 onwards

Potato Pickle

INR 80.00 onwards

Mint Cocoa Nibs

INR 180.00 onwards

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"Flavours of home in one place"

Food made with love always tastes better, that is why we all love home food. It is interesting to see Konma bring forward homebased brands.

Akshitha Anand

"Interesting lineup of products"

I found products here, that aren't commonly found everywhere. Jaggery coated cocoa nibs was a first for me.

Jai Krishna

"Interesting stories of small brand owners"

Love that Konma tells stories of these brands and not just sell their products. In love with this marketplace!

Kavitha Natarajan