Advitha Ashok & Malvika Malhotra Kamdar - Wealth your way to Health

NutriNosh is a brand that is all for tasteful, yet healthy food, curated by two Dietitians. Advitha Ashok and Malvika Malhotra Kamdar are Consulting Dietitians and Founders of Diet and Beyond. They believe that “Healthy food doesn’t have to be boring”. Having come across a lot of people who are Chocoholics, they knew their first food idea had to be a healthy, guilt-free, lactose-free chocolate. This lead them to the idea of Flavoured cocoa nibs, that are sweetened with jaggery and infused with some classic and out-of-the box flavours.

"We at NUTRINOSH, believe in the minimal and the roots. Minimally processed and right from the roots, raw and nutritious. But general belief is that, raw and natural food is not tasty. We take taste and health very seriously. Food needs to satisfy you visually, mindfully and then nutritiously. We got you covered on all three grounds. We are constantly working on ways to make out-of-the-box-tied-to-the-roots-natural foods and we are persistent on it."